Aeriosense Demonstrates its Automation Software in Portland Maine

Aeriosense spent a day near Portland Maine demonstrating its inspection automating technology to one of the local power line service providers who is seeking to improve the safety of inspections. They reached out to Aeriosense looking to develop an in-house drone inspection program and complementing software which would allow their powerline technicians to operate the drone easily and efficiently. They were most impressed with the simple and intuitive way software allows conducting the inspection without the need to have their inspectors to be experienced drone pilots. The Powerline contractor GM said that he sees having Aeriosense flight plans and software will “create significant cost savings and provide value-added services to their clients, giving them a leg up on the competition”.

The Aeriosense software uses scripted flight plans to automatically guide the drone to key locations around the structure, leaving the operator free to focus on collecting quality data from the inspections. When compared to conventional inspection methods,  the use of this program is a relatively more thorough means for inspections.