A Clear Path for Vertical Infrastructure Inspection

Aeriosense software creates a clear path for Vertical Infrastructure Inspections using pre-set drone flight plans and automated data collection. Unmanned Aerial Systems can now obtain high quality actionable data while reducing cost by as much as 50% to 90% and increasing inspection speed by over 50% compared to conventional methods.

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Our hands-on inspection experience in the electric utility industry brings a unique perspective and insight into the challenges of asset condition monitoring.This provides us with a keen awareness of the dangers and prohibitive costs associated with elevated infrastructure inspection. Although the introduction of Unmanned Aerial System inspections helped reduce risks associated with conventional methods, manual operation is slow and requires an experienced pilot for accurate results. These factors negatively impact the cost effectiveness associated with this method.

Our goal was to find a solution that would drastically reduce costs of Unmanned Aerial System inspections as well as the safety risks associated with conventional inspection methods. The end result is a patented software that eliminates the time-consuming, costly and risky inspections of the past using pre-set drone flight plans for automated data collection.

Our approach allows for on the fly reporting that integrates with client’s existing asset management software, facilitating automated dataflow. Using our solution can save a significant amount of planning and reporting time per typical inspection day. Aeriosense offers the full aerial inspection package, saving clients the time and effort of assembling inspection solution components from multiple vendors.

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Meet our management team

Our team provides practical innovative inspection solutions combining deep experiences in asset management, component condition assessment, robotics, and software development. Together we have developed an Unmanned Aerial System Software offering superior inspection quality with cost reductions by 50% to 90%.

Alex Babakov
Alex offers 10 years of experience in electric utilities working in asset and condition assessment. Previously with Powertech Labs a subsidiary of BC Hydro his hands-on experience provides the industry insight required to identify key challenges faced by Vertical Infrastructure Inspection.
Owen Chang
Owen is our software development expert using his experience with Texas Instruments to provide practical, feasible solutions in hand with a user-friendly experience for our product.
Kyle Demski
Kyle is an Aviation Systems Engineer with 5 years’ experience developing unmanned aerial systems. His proven track record with Heleport Inc., Crimson Aerospace and the Canadian Space Agency speaks for itself.

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