The Future of Detailed Inspection

Aeriosense drone automation software eliminates the safety risks and the high costs of performing detailed inspection of electric transmission lines and other elevated infrastructure. Unmanned Aerial Systems can now obtain high quality actionable data while reducing cost by as much as 50% to 90% and increasing inspection speed by over 50% compared to conventional methods.

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Automated Detailed Inspection

Flight Plan Templates

Autonomous Flight

Integrated Reporting

Aeriosense software platform provides automated flight control, work flow and data management, allowing organizations to integrate drone inspections into their routine condition assessment practices. Asset data is transformed into pre-set flight plans used to automatically guide the drone to the most optimal vantage points, while the inspector is free to focus on inspection without being a professional pilot.

Use cases show that our practical approach to automating navigation, workflow and data management during inspections offers impressive improvements including:

    Up to 90% inspection cost reduction

    Less pilot training/experience

    Consistent, objective data for monitoring and trending

    Improves quality control and repeatable inspection process

    Avoided outages and reduced down time

Aeriosense in Action

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