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Aeriosense provides Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) based inspection solutions targeted at inspection of electric transmission infrastructure and other difficult to access components in a safer, faster and smarter way

Aeriosense Automated Aerial Inspection

Elevated infrastructure inspection is dangerous and costly. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have the potential to reduce the cost of inspections by more than 50% and eliminate significant safety risks. However, mannually flying the drone around complex structures such as transmission towers is slow and require experienced pilot, ultimately making UAS less cost effective.

Aeriosense addresses these challenges by automating the flight control of the UAS. We provide a preset flight path that targets the key locations of the structure. The UAS then automatically executes the flight path based on intuitive “go”, “pause” inputs from the operator.

Our approach allows for on the fly reporting that integrates with client’s existing asset management software, facilitating automated dataflow. Using Aeriosense solution can save significant amount of planning and reporting time per typical inspection day.

Aeriosense offers a full aerial inspection solution package, saving clients time and effort of assembling inspection solution components from multiple vendors.

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Our team brings together a diverse range of experiences in asset management and condition assessment, robotics, avionics and computer vision to provide innovative infrastructure inspection solutions.

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