Our Vision

Our hands-on inspection experience in the electric utility industry brings a unique perspective and insight into the challenges of asset condition monitoring. This provides us with a keen awareness of the dangers and prohibitive costs associated with elevated infrastructure inspection.

Our goal is to provide solutions that drastically reduce costs of Unmanned Aerial System inspections as well as the safety risks associated with conventional inspection methods. The end result is our innovative software platform that can reduce the need for the time-consuming, costly, and risky inspections of the past by using pre-set drone flight plans for automated data collection.

Meet our team

Our team provides practical innovative inspection solutions combining deep experiences in asset management, component condition assessment, robotics, and software development. Together we have developed an Unmanned Aerial System Software offering superior inspection quality with cost reductions by 50% to 90%.

Profile picture of Alex Babakov

Alex Babakov

Alex offers 10 years of experience in electric utilities working in asset and condition assessment. Previously with Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of BC Hydro, his hands-on experience provided the industry insight required to identify key challenges faced by Vertical Infrastructure Inspection.

Profile picture of Owen Chang

Owen Chang

Owen is our software development expert, using his experience with Texas Instruments to provide practical, feasible solutions in hand with a user-friendly experience for our product.

Profile picture of Robert Desjardins

Robert Desjardins

Robert is a Software Engineer at Aeriosense with a degree in Business and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. Prior to Aeriosense, he had experiences in mobile and web development. Robert's passion for innovation motivates him to push Aeriosense forward.

Profile picture of Thomas Barter

Thomas Barter

Thomas is a seasoned Executive Business Sales Manager with over 25 years of experience focusing on new business & territory development, competitive market expansion, and executive sales management in the pharmaceutical and aviation industry. He has experience managing customers and commercial contracts including those for Aerial Video/Photography, Agriculture, GIS Surveying, Tower and High Mast Inspections with Areobotika.

Profile picture of Katie Verigin

Katie Verigin

Katie is Marketer at Aeriosense. She has experience working with a number of startups and accelerators in the Vancouver area. Katie holds a Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences from Quest University Canada with a specialization in critical theory, economics and politics.

Profile picture of Rodney Noriega

Rodney Noriega

Rodney brings over 10 years of sales and business development experience in a variety of industries, from e-commerce, construction, and technology. From working at startups to multinational brands, Rodney is passionate about introducing new technology to solve the world's problems.

Profile picture of Paul Lomonossov

Paul Lomonossov

Paul is a seasoned business development and sales executive with a 15-year experience in IT / Telecom industry. In various senior management roles he launched and directed new business units in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America for companies like Fluke, GE, Omnicomm, etc. Paul holds a diploma in M.Eng. (Electronics), eMBA from London Business School (U.K.) and multiple professional and IT certifications.

Meet our advisors

Aeriosense is supported by a team of great advisors who provide invaluable mentorship, years of experience and domain expertise.

Profile picture of Thomas Ligocki

Thomas Ligocki

Mr. Ligocki has spent 20 years in the mobile workforce management industry and he is currently the Founder and CEO of Clevest Solutions, a mobile workforce automation and smart grid operations technology company. He has been recognized as a top business influencer in Business in Vancouver’s “Top 40 under 40” list.

Profile picture of Peter Wong

Peter Wong

Peter has extensive experiences in the high-tech industry, having held engineering and leadership positions with HP, PMC Sierra, LSI. He is currently the CEO of Riot Micro.

Profile picture of Keith Beckett

Dr. Keith Beckett

Keith is an accomplished software, systems, and project engineer with 30 years of experience in remote sensing. Mr. Beckett has held senior engineering positions with Barrodale Computing Services, MDA, UrtheCast and is currently the at Chief Scientist at Planet Geomatics.

Profile picture of Kathy Nguyen

Kathy Nguyen

Kathy has held several senior leadership roles at BC Hydro and its subsidiaries including Controller at Powerex and CEO of Powertech Labs. Currently, she is the Vice President of Innovation at Nurse Next Door.

Profile picture of John Wood

John Wood

John is an experienced business development professional with experience in electric utilities and oil and gas industries. He has held leadership positions with industry-leading companies, including Areva T&D, Siemens, Tyco, and TransAlta.

Profile picture of John Stead

John Stead

John has been involved in the development, management and execution of maintenance programs within the electrical utility industry for the past 40 years. He served as a consultant with KEMA Canada (Digital Inspections) and at AltaLink Management. He is the Past Chair of the Doble Advisory, Asset Management and Bushing and Instrument Transformer Committees.

Profile picture of Michele Wallcraft

Michele Wallcraft

Michele has 20+ years of experience in orchestrating successful solution sales, business development strategies and creative marketing initiatives. Working previously in companies including Trimble and Canadian Forest Products.


Safety is the top priority for our industry, our clients and us.

Aeriosense has developed safe work-procedures and a checklist specific to inspections of overhead powerlines. The occupational health & safety management system implemented by Aeriosense has achieved a certificate of recognition in compliance with WorkSafeBC standards, as well as registration with ISNetworld®. We have also won the OSSE (Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence) safety topaz award. These certifications and awards demonstrate leadership, commitment to continual improvement, and dedication to worker health and safety.

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