Your business needs a solution that is unique to you. We at Aeriosense understand this and work with our clients to develop a package which fits their exact needs.

Find out how we can make your inspections cost efficient, safer and smarter!

Our solution

Chart showing aspects of the software. Inspection Services, Data Analysis, Backend Integration, and Data Management.

At the core of our solution is the Aeriosense Automation Software Platform.

We work with clients to develop a solution package that fits their unique situation to help achieve the goals of their inspection program.

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What we offer

We offer the following options as part of our inspection services

Transmission lines

River Crossing and Long Span Conductor Inspection

Output Report

Condition Assessment & Data Management

Power lines affected by a storm

Storm Response & Post-Incident Inspection

Infrared Image of transmission line

Thermal Inspection (Hot-spots and Insulator Leakage)

Point cloud photogrammetry of transmission lines

Photogrammetry (3D Modeling)

ROW for transmission lines

ROW And Vegetation Management

Achieve consistent, quality insights

Overhead view of power line

Optimal Vantage Points

Deficiency report of a sample inspection

Consistent Data for Predictive Maintenace

Two employees preforming an inspection of a transmission line using a drone

Cost efficient inspection

Our Recent Projects

  • Fortis BC - 138 kV partial circuit inspection and condition assessment
  • Alta Gas – Bear Mountain 138kV transmission and distribution circuit condition assessment
  • Capital Power – Quality Wind 238kV transmission circuit condition assessment
  • BC Hydro – Mission River crossing 69kV dual circuit inspection
  • Georgia Transmission – 238kV and 500kV structure inspection demonstration